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The Impact of Covid - 19 On Security Companies
Covid - 19 is a horrible virus that has affected us all. Security companies have been hard hit just as all other businesses out there. Covid - 19 has had an enormous impact on security services jamaica, just like so many other businesses, many of these companies are having to close their doors. Yet, security guards are in demand more than ever. 
With these security companies closing, so many of the employees are having to turn to private security jobs. Even those still employed by companies are having a rough time of it. Due to this pandemic, their jobs have gotten much more dangerous.
Think about the places that security companies send their employees on jobs now. Supermarkets, special events, medical centers, hospitals and even unused buildings that are closed due to Covid - 19. 
Does this not put these companies and their employees on the frontline? Yes it does. 
Walk into any emergency room in any hospital around the world and you will see security guards. 
While we have police officers to enforce the laws, we don't have enough of them to be in all of these places at once to enforce Covid - 19 safety rules. This is where the security services Honduras come in.
Go to the supermarket and there is a security guard standing out front making sure everyone is wearing a mask. They usually have a tablet adding up the people coming in to make sure there aren't too many people in the place at one time. They are there to try to make sure everyone obeys the mandated 6 feet apart rule. 
With the role of medical personnel and all frontline workers being praised for their bravery in the face of this virus, security guards should be included in that praise. They are on the frontlines too and often have to handle the unruly, face to face, not being able to keep their distance.
security company Mexico has sent their employees into the same dangerous environment that the doctors and nurses are in. They are in the emergency rooms. They are at the Covid - 19 testing sites. They are putting their lives in danger everyday by having to come face to face with people who possibly have this terrible virus.
So, yes, our security company Jamaica have been severely affected by Covid - 19. We need to remember this and give them the praise that they deserve for being heroes too.
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